Day 28: Ordinary & extraordinary blessings

A list of some of the ordinary and extraordinary blessings that have enriched my day: 

  • The blessings that have enriched my day
  • A helpful conversation with a colleague
  • The walk around my neighborhood and the fallen leaves I collected 
  • The “baby” maple tree I helped avoid being cut down. 
  • The sun coming out in the afternoon after a gray morning 
  • The amazing book I’m reading about trees 
  • A few minutes of yoga

What are some of the ordinary and extraordinary blessings that have enriched your day?

Day 27: Get it done

One of the things I’ve been enjoying is reconnecting with my painting practice. Alongside my 30-day social media detox, I have given myself a 30-day painting challenge. I started a few days after the challenge so right now I have twenty-four, 6X6 water color and gouache paintings.

In the past, I’ve had so many big unfinished paintings. And for the longest I couldn’t understand why it was so difficult for me to finish.  After many years and lots of self-examination,  I learned that one of the reasons is that I often overwhelm myself. I love creating and sometimes my ideas are BIG. But there are many instances when I don’t have either the time, the skill or the stamina to finish. And this challenge helped me to finish things. To finish a painting, regardless of size. Bigger doesn’t mean better. And a deeper truth is that the subconscious mind doesn’t care about size. It cares about DONE. It also cares about consistency. Because what you do (or don’t do) creates who you are and will become. 

Enjoy your Sunday!

Day 24: Centering joy

I ran into someone today and they shared some disturbing national news. Interestingly enough I had not known about it because sometimes I wait until the end of the day to read the news. After being in front of a screen all day, the last thing I want to do is inundate myself with news before going out for a walk or spending time with my kids.

What I realized in that interaction was that I have created somewhat of a cocoon around myself by not being on social media. Yes, I still get the new, but I get to choose how I get my news and how much time I will allow myself to engage with it. I am not at the mercy of other people feeds. I am centering feeling good over being plugged in.

We human creatures have a negativity bias. A neurological hardwired feature of our brain. A necessary evolution…a long time ago. Now, not so much anymore. Yet we are reacting as if that were the case and I believe the ways in which we are habitually plugged in is a contributing factor. That said, it’s very important, and I would say vital to our well-being that we seek out positive information, interactions and experiences as much as possible.

This country is in a hard and tough spot right now. I truly believe that any solutions that arise must come offline and must be visionary as opposed to reactionary.

Day 23: Settling in

With 7 days left in my social media detox, I have been surprised at just how quickly I’ve adapted to my life without it. Yes, I have occasionally had my moments when I want to watch a Youtube video (I’m actually looking forward to being able to look up some DIY projects on YouTube) but for the most part,  after the first week and a half, I was ok. I stopped reaching for my phone all the time.  Or when I did, I became very aware of it.  I am settling in. 

For me, settling looks like the long walk and hikes I’ve taken with my kids—something we did a lot when they were younger. It looks like writing daily—in my journal and on my blog, which I’ve been doing everyday for 23 days and have reconnected with a longtime love. It looks like taking pictures to build my skills rather than to curate my IG feed.

Being off of SM has forced me to think about my life, my time and my creativity in a different way. It was like I was awakening from a spell. I felt like I was finally waking up to my life. I have to say, I have some nervousness about going back on SM after tasting the sweetness of what my life could feel like while I’m off it. 

So, with that being said, one way I plan to honor my time and my life is to be on social media one day a week and I will be ridding myself of the ones that have caused me the most suffering. I think of all the horrible and downright nasty communication that I’ve endured and witnessed on SM and I wonder how I tolerated it in my life.