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Don’t Let Anyone Talk You Out of Your Dreams

Over on my podcast, I speak candidly about staying committed to your dreams and ideas. Click here to have a listen.

“Thank you” is One of The Greatest Acts of Love

The day before yesterday, I started watching the Netflix documentary, “One Strange Rock” (check it out) and I absolutely love it. I am only on episode 5 (they’re about 43 min each), but my mind and heart feels so open and expansive. The content, thus far has made me very present and aware of the …

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On my podcast this week

I’ve been thinking a lot about the “medicine” or the gifts we hold. This meditative thought is the first of a series of recordings I’d like to do that explore different aspects of this topic. I hope it inspires you.

Meaningful Reads

I’m going to make Friday my day of sharing posts that I’ve read, videos I’ve watched and other snippets of inspiration. I am going to try to remember to read this one at least once a week. As a graduate student and mother of 2, constraints are my life. The newest plant I’m in love …

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An Inspiring Quote to Get You Moving!

“Don’t wait for anything. Just wait for your own agreement. When you think you’re ready. Two poems. One poem. A broadside. Anything. Get it out. Because if you don’t, you’re constipating yourself. It’s true. You walk around with a whole sheaf of stuff that you’re not publishing, that’s constipation because your mind is fixed on …

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