Studio Artist Residency 2023

I began my first studio artist residency this week. Today I spend a couple hours there after getting things prepped yesterday and it felt really good. I was scared and unsure of how I would begin. But sometimes you just have to start. And I did it, imperfectly and I will return again tomorrow and do it again. Here’s a photo of the space. It’s huge!

Art Journal-A Daily Practice

On New Year’s Eve, I re-started an art journal practice. It was something I started when I first got back from Mexico City, where I painted everyday in my large water color sketchbook. Being on vacation gave me a lot of free time to paint, ¬†which I don’t have during the school year. I have been committed for the last 7 days and am almost finished the sketchbook I started in August of last year. Here are some photos of my pages.