Day 30: The end…& the beginning

Today marks day 30 of my 30-day social media detox.  And it has been wonderful. There have been so many gifts this time has brought into my life. I wrote and painted every day. I started hiking on a regular basis. I read almost two books. I painted 25 small watercolor paintings. I edited another […]


Day 29: Peace of mind

The last month has reminded me of something very essential about myself. That sometimes, doing hard things makes me stronger and ultimately capable of accomplishing the things I set out to do, both big and small. As I show up and do the things I’ve said I would do or wouldn’t do, I began to […]


Day 28: Ordinary & extraordinary blessings

A list of some of the ordinary and extraordinary blessings that have enriched my day:  The blessings that have enriched my day A helpful conversation with a colleague The walk around my neighborhood and the fallen leaves I collected  The “baby” maple tree I helped avoid being cut down.  The sun coming out in the […]