GSC: wk 1/Day 4: Houseware Design

I’ve had this hanging lamp for a while and wanted to create a lamp shade for it. I searched online for ideas and came upon a flower lamp shade and fell in love with the idea.

I initially started yesterday,  cutting out the petals and leaves from rice paper–very delicate. Today, I painted,  dried, crumpled and assembled the shade. Considering the fact that this was my first try, I am really happy with how it came out. Next time, I’ll change a few things, like adding more petals and leaves.

GSC: wk 1/Day 3: Fabric Design

Posted a day late, but this draft was from yesterday:

Today, my daughter and I talked about how to make this summer fun. She complained that her summer has been boring. I reminded her that school ended for her about a week ago…LOL,…Chile give yourself time. She had to laugh at herself. I encouraged her to ease into it. A message I have to give to myself as well.

From late August until Mid-June, I have a lot of free time. I like to use that time for fun, travel and lots of creativity. I was initially very giddy about creating this self-directed Summer Camp, but when it was time to get started, I was stuck. So to get  “unstuck”  I used this deck I have called’ Art outside the box'” to warm up. I bought a large sketchbook just to have a place where I could be messy. A place I do not intend to share with the world. That brief warm up got me out of my judging mind and got me creating. As a result, I created a collage and completed the waxing for a batik project I have in the works.  I also started making a paper lamp shade. More tomorrow.

Gabe’s Summer Camp: An Experiment in Fun!

Life has felt exceptionally hard this year. As a result, I’ve felt the need to infuse my life with fun and joy! After watching a YouTube I like create 30 inventions in 30 days, it gave me an idea of ways of spending my summer off… Create a Self-Directed Summer Camp.

The plan is fairly simple.  Each day, I will create something from the following categories and interests. Some of things listed here, I have ether made before (like fabric design) and want to do more or I have an interest in it (like leather craft)

  1. Polymer Clay Jewelry
  2. Fabric design (screen print, block printing, dyeing, etc)
  3. Pyrography 
  4. Video/Film 
  5. Painting
  6. Sewing
  7. Collage 
  8. Houseware design 
  9. Jewelry design 
  10. 10.Paper embroidery 
  11. Music (make a beat)
  12. 12.Cook a new recipe
  13. 13.Poetry 
  14. 14.Floral design
  15. 15.Leather craft 
  16. 16.Yard design(something for the yard)

Whatever it is, I have to complete it (unless it is a multi day project)and I have to share it, either on social media or on my website. If I am on the road or travel for any reason, I will take a travel art kit with me. 

Additionally, I will either walk, ride my bike or yoga everyday and do strength training 2-3 times a week. I will also read for at least 20 minutes a day. 

I will strive to eat well and make sure I am getting enough sleep and limiting my time on social media outside of sharing my daily.

I will also go on weekly “field trips,” weekly adventures to places I’ve never been to or haven’t been to in a long time nearby.

I will also make weekly time to connect with friends locally and take monthly trips to places that require a train. 

If there are new things I add, I will come back to this post to update.

I’m very excited about this! What summer fun plans to do you have?