Visual Art

Artist Statement:

As an interdisciplinary artist, I find that each medium offers different gifts and emotional pathways to explore that go beyond words. Painting and specifically painting abstract art allows me to let go, get lost and be present with where the colors want to take me. It also allows me to invite the viewer to step out of their comfort zone and trust their own interpretation and recognize that many interpretations can co-exist, and change each time they see it. I adore color and find it to be medicinal, mystical and metaphysical.

Sometimes my painting, block printing and design process can be a very intuitive process and at other times, more planned or scripted. Either way, I feel honored and blessed that I get to create work that feels good to me and others.


Abstract Series 2023, #3 (Acrylic, Ink and Maker on watercolor paper)
Abstract Series 2023, #4 (Acrylic paint, paint pen and ink on watercolor)
Abstract Series 2023, #2 (Acrylic paint, paint pen and ink on watercolor paper)
Under the Sea, 2023 (Acrylic on Canvas)
Mother Tree, 2022 (Acrylic paint and paint pen on canvas)
Openings,2023 (Acrylic paint on canvas)
Meditations in Mexico, 2022 (watercolor pastels, paint pens)
The Serpent, 2022 (Acrylic paint, paint pens)
Block print and handmade bag. 2022
Block printing from hand carved rubber stamps on cotton canvas
Coasters, Acrylic on wood, 2023
Acrylic on Wooden box, 2023
Nourish, 2020 (mixed media: watercolor, gouache, acrylic, collage, marker, embroidery)