Day 21: Looking out for the little things

Today in one of my meetings we talked about the little things that matter to us. At first it was hard for me to talk about the little things. So often I am focused on the big things–work, family, the things that have to get done. And as important as those things are,  I often forget about the little things that matter just as much.

Today is the first day of Fall.And in the spirit of little things, some of the things I love most about this season are wearing sweaters, bug free (er) hikes, root veggies, the changing colors of the leaves, blankets, hot drinks and soup; and so many other things. It wilkeep me going as we move into colder months and shorter days.

Day 20: Play

As I write this, my daughter is beside me voicing the characters in her imaginary sitcom and it is hilarious. Children are masters of play. They are uninhibited and the perfects guides when exploring a new outdoor space. .

Today we spent an hour on a new trails near our home. Although these photos don’t capture the fullness of beauty of these trails, this place was magical. I also didn’t want to get so lost in taking photos that I wasn’t present for the beauty that was there. Here’s few photos. I hope you found s

Day 19: Reclaiming time

Last Sunday, I started reading Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. It is a 256-hardback book (excluding notes and index), I finished reading today. It’s the first time in YEARS I’ve finished a book that quickly. And it was an amazing feeling. To some people that may not seem like a big deal, but when you factor in the fact that I am a single parent of two, I work full time (remotely) and my kids are schooling remotely, I feel good that I was able to enrich myself by completing this book. I’m also motivated to enrich my life in other ways I’ve historically claimed I didn’t have time for.

It was also a great book. One that philosophically and emotionally supported my social media detox. But most importantly,  I believe the main factor that supported me finishing was that I a currently not on social media. I remember pausing and pondering all the off-line analog activities I could have missed out on with my social media and digital usage. I didn’t stay with this regretful thoughts for too long. I intent to use the inside gained from this experience/experiment to be a whole lot more guarded about my attention and my time.

One of the chapters in Digital Minimalism addresses reclaiming leisure, something that is becoming something of a lost art in our current social reality. This chapter was one of my favorites because early in my decision to come off of social media for a 30 days, I had to get over the initial hump of mild feelings of withdrawal and a sense of feeling lost. I eventually redirected my energy and mind to the question, “What did I do before I became so plugged in?”

With that question in mind, I have been exploring the following activities:

Exploring water color and Gouache 

Blogging here every day

Talking on the phone with friends

Daily walks 


My plate is pretty full with my interests. It’s a wonder that I ever had time for social media in the first place. But now that I am taking a step back, I am able to complete things that had gone to the wayside. My focus has also improved-one of the benefits I’ve observed in myself recently.

This 30-day (maybe more) experiment/experience just keeps on revealing its gifts. I’m very excited about starting my next book tomorrow. 

Day 18: Rest

When I was a kid, my family was Seventh-Day adventist and we recognized a sabbath. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve yearned for it at times in my life. Unplugged and intentional. Peaceful and unworried.

That being said, today feels like an appropriate time to simply post a photo I took of a space that brings me a sense of peace. Have a great start to your weekend.