Meaningful Reads

I’m going to make Friday my day of sharing posts that I’ve read, videos I’ve watched and other snippets of inspiration.

  • I am going to try to remember to read this one at least once a week. As a graduate student and mother of 2, constraints are my life.
  • The newest plant I’m in love with and STILL trying to find.
  • I love salmon patties! Here’s a recipe I intent to try soon. Maybe this weekend, since we’ll be snowed in.
  • I definitely have my critiques of this company, but I really enjoyed this commercial
  • Remembering the brilliance of this great poet.

Have a great weekend!

An Inspiring Quote to Get You Moving!

“Don’t wait for anything. Just wait for your own agreement. When you think you’re ready. Two poems. One poem. A broadside. Anything. Get it out. Because if you don’t, you’re constipating yourself. It’s true. You walk around with a whole sheaf of stuff that you’re not publishing, that’s constipation because your mind is fixed on that, and you’re not going to do much until you get that out of you. And once you–even if it’s on Kinko’s paper– do something with it, it’s out of you. That act will get it out of you and then you can go on to your next thing. But you have got to do it.” ~ Amiri Baraka

Reflecting on 2018

Around this time each year, I notice I find myself yearning to be outdoors. I love being outside in general, but I think it might be because the days are shorter and I am spending more time indoors at my internship. It’s also much more comfortable outside. Although it’s cold here in New England, I find I’d rather layer up against the cold than have to deal with mosquitos, ticks and pollen.

That being said, as the year comes to a close, here’s a photographic look back at some of my time in nature, both alone and with my kids.




2018 was centered on my healing and recovery. Recovering my health, recovering my energy and reconnecting with some of the things that brings me joy.

Reconnection: 90 Days of Consecutive Music

On today’s Full moon, I am quietly celebrating my 90th consecutive day of showing up for my creativity in the form of a daily music practice. As I continue my daily practice, I wanted to pause today because 90 days represents a milestone. When I first started out, I knew that my only goal was to show up,—be in 5 minutes or an hour.

Over the last 90 days, I’ve learned that I could show up for what was important to me even at times when I did not feel my best. When I didn’t want to. When I would rather watch another movie or sleep. When I had come home late from my first concert in over a year.  I showed up. And in doing so, some of the things I accomplished over the last 90 days has been:

  1. Taught myself how to play the ukulele
  2. Wrote 5 songs (including a children’s song. Currently working on a  6th as I type this)
  3. Started learning how to play the banjo
  4. Started appreciating scales
  5. Played my frame drum
  6. Got a lot better on the cajon
  7. Learned a cover song (“Swim Good” by Frank Ocean)
  8. Discovered some amazing artists
  9. Shared a song with a friend
  10. Refreshed my “old” songs

I intend to write more about this process and the insights that have come as a result, but I wanted to reflect a bit here since things have been relatively quiet on my website for a while. One of the most important things that I got out of this practice was that it created a container for me to process what the last six months has been for me. What being diagnosed with Lupus has been for me and my family. These songs are healing ones. On days where I felt lonely and sad, a song became a friend and lifted me out of the darkness. My depression has lessened tremendously and I feel motivated in ways that eluded me before I began this practice. I intend to share this music with you in the future. I thank you for being here. Happy Full Moon.