More Than Anything

Long before music, before the podcast, before graduate school and psychodynamic theory, I wrote. Poetry, short stories, plays–I even started writing a screenplay. And even now, after years of diverting and occasionally diving deep into my writing practice, my desire to write prose and poetry, creative nonfiction yet again, tugs at me. More than tugs, the desire wraps its arms around me and unlike any other place, I am home within its grasp. At home within the world of words.

Many people who have known me since my late teens or early twenties have seen me explore many aspects of my creative terrain over the years. Even amidst my varied creative explorations, writing has been my foundation. My First love. I am fully aware that Songwriting is writing. The thesis writing is writing. Clinical analysis and formulation are writing. Although the latter is not my preferred genre during my downtime, I have found utility in being able to have this form of writing in my toolkit. And even though all the aforementioned writing is indeed writing, I seek to embark on a deeper exploration of a different writer’s voice within me. One that stood on the sidelines far too long. I liken this shift to exploring a different musical mode of a scale.

That said, now that I can access a portion of my brain because I have now completed my MSW, I intend to nurture prose and poetry once again in my creative practice, as well as other writing forms.

I’ve recently had a piece I penned a few years ago accepted for publication. I submitted it on the fly not expecting it to be published. So when I found it was accepted, I was super surprised, elated and most importantly motivated not only to write more but to submit more. To put me out there.

Writing allows me access to a much more wise part of myself. It’s the part of me where I feel most at home. More than speaking it singing my songs, (which I love), writing allows me to play with my own explore my consciousness with language. To deconstruct then reconstruct me and the worlds in my head. As I move forward, I’m excited about getting to know this aspect of my writer self and sharing it with you. I excited and curious about what she reveals to me and the world.

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