“Thank you” is One of The Greatest Acts of Love

The day before yesterday, I started watching the Netflix documentary, “One Strange Rock” (check it out) and I absolutely love it. I am only on episode 5 (they’re about 43 min each), but my mind and heart feels so open and expansive. The content, thus far has made me very present and aware of the love this Earth, our home (and universe) has for us. And when I speak of love, I speak of this level of regard, and protection this Earth has built into it for the preservation of all its children. Even our seemingly extreme weather is the Earth’s way of trying to temper the overheating so that we don’t fry. Life… what a miracle.

And with this in mind, I walked around knowing how much I was loved because of the snow, the sun, the sky and the protective layers created long before I knew my own name. I give thanks for all the minerals, the molecules, the energy, the stuff that makes up all that we are and need.

So, here’s an invitation, as an act of love tell all the people in your life, “thank you.” Then thank yourself. And then, finally, go outside and touch the earth. Thank her for supporting you. For supporting us all. For being our home. For being our first and most important ancestor. For always providing for us and will be able to provide for our loved ones long after we are no longer here. Give Thanks!

Wow. How could we go one day without saying, thank you.

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