Day 3: A different view

My car wouldn’t start today. One of my neighbors tried to give me a jump, but nothing. Then AAA came out and nothing. Final conclusion, my starter needed to be replaced. In a normal pre-COVID world, I would simply get it towed (as I did) and get a ride or take an Uber, which I […]


Day 2: Wide, medium, tight

In film, there‚Äôs a wide shot, a medium wide shot and a tight shot. The wide shot establishes where the person is in the movie or video. The medium shot moves the story along and the tight shot brings you deeper into what the character might be feeling and is often one of the most […]


Day 1: Social Media fast

Today begins my first day of taking a 30-day(maybe more) social media fast. Over the next month, I will go in depth about some of the reasons why. For now, this space, my website will serve as a space for me to publicly share some of the experiences and insights gained from taking a break […]