Day 8: 20 lessons from getting lost

I went for a hike today with the intention of going for about an hour and for no more than a mile or so. I got lost and hiked from one side of the mountain to the other. This massive detour took me almost 3 hours and totaled approximately 7 miles.  Some people might think this was impressive. I’m just glad I made it out. I’m thankful for my strong and healthy body for carrying me, for the woman who drove me to the other side of the mountain to get my car and the state police for unlocking the gate and letting me out.

In the beginning of being lost, I wrote down some of the things that may have helped me prior to my journey . I’ll be sure to check this list next time before I head out. 

1. Follow the marker others have left behind

2. Remember where you started 

3. Don’t be afraid (or ashamed) to ask for help

4. Turn back if you need to (you may have to)

5. Ask questions 

6. Make friends along the way

7. Orient yourself 

8. Make sure you know where you are and where you’re going

9. Rest

10. Don’t panic

11. Be prepared for detours 

12. Get out of your head and into your surroundings

13. Pay attention

14. Know your coordinates when you start out

15. Give yourself enough time to get lost (if it happens)

16. Drink water 

17. Bring a snack

18. If you have time, take a break 

19. Use your problem solving skills 

20. Learn to read a trail map

My legs hurt. I’m gonna go and soak in a hot tub. More tomorrow.

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