Day 3: A different view

My car wouldn’t start today. One of my neighbors tried to give me a jump, but nothing. Then AAA came out and nothing. Final conclusion, my starter needed to be replaced. In a normal pre-COVID world, I would simply get it towed (as I did) and get a ride or take an Uber, which I didn’t–too much of a risk. So the only option I had was either walk or take my bike. I wasn’t trying to walk for an hour and a half, so I biked the 6 miles to my mechanic.

Now, for most people who bike on a regular basis, biking for 6 miles is nothing, but it was a push for me. Not a crazy one though. What I thought would be a very hard trek ended up being pretty beautiful. I was able to see things I had never seen before. It was also as if I had entered another world. Even though I have lived in this part of the state for over five years, the only way you can see these paths and views is either by foot or on your bike. I rode pass goldenrod, daises, the last of the queen Anne’s lace and squirrels chasing each other. I rode over wooden bridges and through narrow tunnels. There were moments when I paused (because I had to) and needed to. In these moments, I just allowed myself to take in the beauty around me.

Towards the end, I embarked onto a different bike path and suddenly both sides of the path became a large hill of descending trees. One wrong turn and you could easily tumble painfully down either side. I was more present in that moment than I had been all day. Me and my bike were one. I feared that any wrong movement could end badly. In the end nothing bad had happened. If anything, I felt a sense of accomplishment, soreness and a sense that I had entered another world. One that always exists.

The notion of a parallel universe isn’t just for the world of quantum mechanics, it is for all of us, if we just look around. We’d see this whole other world that’s always here with us.

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