Day 29: Peace of mind

The last month has reminded me of something very essential about myself. That sometimes, doing hard things makes me stronger and ultimately capable of accomplishing the things I set out to do, both big and small. As I show up and do the things I’ve said I would do or wouldn’t do, I began to recognize my excuses and fears for what they were— an easy way out of the hard work required to reach another level of self-mastery. 

At first this social media detox was hard. I was fumbling inside myself for an anchor fearing I had none or had lost it forever. Eventually, I rediscovered it within myself and in my writing, painting, the woods; in long walks and reading. So many healthier options rather than the overconsumption of information overwhelming my brain and soul. 

We are creatures of habit. And what this month has taught me is that habits are not as hard to break as I once thought. Especially when I replace the bad habits with habits that are much more nourishing. I’m glad I did it and am low-key nervous about my return. But I have a plan on how I intend to reintegrate social media in my life, which I will share tomorrow. My plan will be the opposite of what it was before. Much more minimalist, much more value centered. Far less time. Who knows I may go longer than 30 days. Whenever I do decide to log on, I will be more mindful than I was before I got myself into this mess, because nothing is worth your peace of mind. 

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