Day 25: SOunds of the woods

This evening I went for a walk alone in the woods. Well, technically I wasn’t alone, I was surrounded by life. The hundred maybe even thousands of trees, if you count the baby trees who are just a decade or so old. But as for human kin, there was only me. I love the woods. I usually either go with my kids or a friend. As a result, I’m used to my kids filling up the space with their shrieks and laughter. My son lets loose the most outrageous animal sounds stating “THIS (being loud and wild) is what the woods are for!” He’s on to something. 

But today, I myself was very quiet. I usually never have earbuds in. For me the whole point of going to the woods is to unplug. After about five minutes walking along the trail,  I realized the forest isn’t really quiet at all. There are sounds everywhere. The wind moving the trees’ leaves against each other. The sound of falling acorns. The cracking twigs and decomposing leaves beneath my feet. The chirping of birds. The scurry of squirrels and chipmunks. The brook beside the path creating a soundtrack for a section of my walk.  And the sounds of my footsteps moving me through it all. 

Below, I’ve shared some sounds I gathered from the woods today. Enjoy!

Sounds of the Brook.
My footsteps and then ambient sound.

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