Day 24: Centering joy

I ran into someone today and they shared some disturbing national news. Interestingly enough I had not known about it because sometimes I wait until the end of the day to read the news. After being in front of a screen all day, the last thing I want to do is inundate myself with news before going out for a walk or spending time with my kids.

What I realized in that interaction was that I have created somewhat of a cocoon around myself by not being on social media. Yes, I still get the new, but I get to choose how I get my news and how much time I will allow myself to engage with it. I am not at the mercy of other people feeds. I am centering feeling good over being plugged in.

We human creatures have a negativity bias. A neurological hardwired feature of our brain. A necessary evolution…a long time ago. Now, not so much anymore. Yet we are reacting as if that were the case and I believe the ways in which we are habitually plugged in is a contributing factor. That said, it’s very important, and I would say vital to our well-being that we seek out positive information, interactions and experiences as much as possible.

This country is in a hard and tough spot right now. I truly believe that any solutions that arise must come offline and must be visionary as opposed to reactionary.

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