Day 23: Settling in

With 7 days left in my social media detox, I have been surprised at just how quickly I’ve adapted to my life without it. Yes, I have occasionally had my moments when I want to watch a Youtube video (I’m actually looking forward to being able to look up some DIY projects on YouTube) but for the most part,  after the first week and a half, I was ok. I stopped reaching for my phone all the time.  Or when I did, I became very aware of it.  I am settling in. 

For me, settling looks like the long walk and hikes I’ve taken with my kids—something we did a lot when they were younger. It looks like writing daily—in my journal and on my blog, which I’ve been doing everyday for 23 days and have reconnected with a longtime love. It looks like taking pictures to build my skills rather than to curate my IG feed.

Being off of SM has forced me to think about my life, my time and my creativity in a different way. It was like I was awakening from a spell. I felt like I was finally waking up to my life. I have to say, I have some nervousness about going back on SM after tasting the sweetness of what my life could feel like while I’m off it. 

So, with that being said, one way I plan to honor my time and my life is to be on social media one day a week and I will be ridding myself of the ones that have caused me the most suffering. I think of all the horrible and downright nasty communication that I’ve endured and witnessed on SM and I wonder how I tolerated it in my life.

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