I have spent most of my life as inter-disciplinary artist, interweaving my passion and skill in creative writing, music, visual art, performance and audio production into a body of work that reflects the intersections of my life as a black woman/mother/artist/activist.

Nurtured by the richness and complexity of my hometown New Orleans; the art scene of Oakland, CA and other cities I’ve made my home,  I have laid a foundation with the intention of inspiring those I’ve come in contact with.

I am founder and producer Radical Magical Brilliance, a podcast and Creative Social Lab.

In addition to my artistic practice, I have a deep passion for healing and wellness. I currently completing a Master’s in Clinical Social Work.  My Master’s thesis centered on the well-being of African American women living with chronic illnesses.

I aim to weave my work as an artist and social worker together as a tool that support and elevate the natural healing elements that exists within communities.